Mount Etna

Tour to the peak of the volcano

To simply visit this volcano, so full of stories and mythology, in a classical mass tourism way would be a pity. “La Montagna” – simply the mountain- as the Sicilians like to call it, is the largest volcano in Europe and among the most active worldwide. Take a bit of extra time and climb up to Mount Etna together with an experienced, multi-lingual volcanologist. He will tell you with passion about the geological history and the unique flora and fauna of the volcano.


For those who do not want to climb all the way to the peak, there are hiking trails taking you through the unique colors and shapes, produced by the flowing lava over many centuries. You can take these hikes on your own or with a guide. Either way, we will be glad to advise you and let you know where to find the best “tavola calda” or gelato along the trails.


On the slopes of Europe’s highest and most active volcano, between the sea and the sky, a variety of grapes like Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccion andNerella Mantellato are grown between 400 and 1100 meters of altitude. Some of the grape vines are 200 years old and grown in the traditional way on lava soil “ad Albarello” are exposed to huge temperature swings. As characterful as the full-bodied wines are also the wine makers of Mount Etna, who accept the extreme conditions of the unique territory as a challenge. Combining tradition with modern technology, they have today achieved results gaining them worldwide recognition.

We are happy to book for you wine tasting and visits to wineries, also including lunch.